Thursday, November 29, 2018

Seth Godin (vs?) Me

I love Seth Godin's thoughts on marketing and work. Seth’s blog consistently says “that’s all well for factories, but we aren’t working in factories”. In fact, this blog was inspired by his recommendation to publish a post every day. (

This blog is for you if you DO, in fact, work in a factory. Here, we are people that make things, make them well, consistently. We are showing up in a particular place, and our work can't be done from a laptop traveling the world.

Based on the trending topics like digital startups and marketing work, we sometimes can feel we have left the physical world behind, but the world still uses physical products, and it's good to make them well. We still need butchers, bakers, and artisanal clean-burning candlemakers. This is a blog for people that make things and want to make them better. 

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