Thursday, July 11, 2019

Hardware Kit for assembling a concrete mixer

the kit has multiple nuts and bolts organized by when they will be used in assembly

This week we assembled a mixer (it's called a concrete mixer, but we'll be using it to mix other things!)

I'm in love with this hardware kit. Instead of a giant bag of nuts and bolts for you to pick through, each of the assembly steps has its own cell with the items you'll need. The cells are labeled and a thin sheet of plastic contains the cells, with a cardboard backing, It even has outlines in case you want to cut them apart!

How many times have you tried to use the wrong piece of hardware during assembly? This method helps. How many times have you ended up with not enough hardware or too much, unclear which step you did wrong or if you didn't have the right pieces to start with? This method helps.

How can you make it more clear what items get used during what step? Can you create kits like this one for your own assembly operations?

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