Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Order Fulfillment: Set Aside Space for Fulfilling Orders

Use a dedicated space for filling orders. This can be a 100% dedicated table or one that gets cleared off when it’s time to fill orders. For a multiple-use location, you can use the activity-kit system described in Chapter 5 to keep your filling and packing materials ready to go. Anything you run to grab while packing orders should be added to this kit/station. To start, here are some things to have ready when filling orders:
·         Computer and printer for printing packing slips, invoices, and shipping labels
·         Trays for holding items in groups while picking orders
·         Packing filler material such as paper or peanuts
·         Tape
·         Scissors
·         Boxes for shipping
·         Pens and markers
·         Thank you notes, samples, or other ‘extras’ like stickers telling customers you reuse packing materials.

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