Thursday, February 28, 2019

Pick and Pack: Packing Slips

Packing slips are printed copies of the customer order that are packed with the items. Having a packing slip tells you what to pick and allows you to double check the order while packing. The packing slip also tells the customer what is inside the package. Creating a packing slip can be done manually or using a template from your fulfillment software. You can also use a printed copy of a customer order as a packing slip. If you print out a packing slip for each order placed, you can use the pile of packing slips as your to-do list while filling orders. This will help make sure every order gets filled.

Here’s the information often included on the packing slip:

·         Customer identification (name, address)
·         Order identification (such as order number, date, or purchase order number)
·         Products ordered
·         Quantity ordered
·         Store contact information (name, phone/email, address)
·         Shipping information (service)


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