Monday, March 25, 2019

Two Extreme Pull Systems

A Pull system describes how product moves in your studio, but not necessary how much to have at each step. Here are a few examples of the extremes: 

Extreme Pull System: Grow-To-Order
In a totally made-to-order setup, you wouldn’t stock any finished product or order any raw materials before receiving a customer order. If you are a brewery, you’d wait until someone came in to order a beer before heading in the back to start brewing. Then you’d start growing the hops and grain for the beer, so your customer sits at the bar for a few months before they can enjoy a drink.

Extreme Pull System: Super-Stocked Warehouse
In this opposite example, your orders are ready to ship in a heartbeat. You’ve pre-packed every possible combination of different products and have them sitting in inventory. When a customer buys a red size medium shirt and a black handbag, you’re ready to go and find the box with that combination of products in it from your warehouse, which is millions of square feet to hold every possible product combination.

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