Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Specialty Distributors vs Suppliers

Do you purchase materials through a specialty distributor or set of suppliers? Here are a few key differences.

Specialty Distributor
Product Line
A to Z for making your product or for your industry.
Fewer items; single type of product (plastic closures, bulk dry chemicals,)
Best Ways To Use
Browse the catalog to see trends and get new ideas. Purchase a few for R&D and testing a new product
Get Best Pricing on a single item. Quote minimums for planning purposes when calculating product pricing. Sourcing once product is launched and you have expected volumes that justify bigger purchases
Typical order size
1 dozen, 1 case, 1-100
1 pallet, 1 truckload. 1000+
WSP, SoapSupplies, 
PackagingPrice, Jedwards

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