Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Specialty Distributors

Do you purchase your equipment and supplies from a specialty distributor? Here are some ways to tell:

1. The company name has your industry or hobby in it.,,
2. The store/distributor carries a wide range of items you might need for your hobby, from the long-lasting equipment to the consumables.
3. There are low or no minimum quantities for ordering items.
4. discounts, if any, are available when buying multiple dozens of items, with a note to ask about bulk pricing.
5. The distributor makes it very easy to buy kits or otherwise get multiple things you need to create a finished product. They may provide recipes or other inspiration for new products.

Specialty distributors are fantastic for hobbyists, very small businesses, and R&D purchases for larger manufacturers. If you've outgrown the appropriate size for using a specialty distributor, however, you're overpaying for all of the services above that you're not using and it's time to look for a bigger supplier.

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